Hassan Rouhani Wins Iran’s Presidential Election

–>Hassan Rouhani has been elected as the President of Iran for the 2nd time. For the first time he was elected as president in 2013.

–>He won 2013 elections by pledging to end Iran’s isolation and improve civil rights at home.

–>He was born in Semnan province on 12 November 1948. He was a graduate from the Tehran University & he did his PhD from Scotland’s Glasgow Caledonian University.
–>He is a lawyer, academic and a former diplomat. He has won his second term by presenting himself as the candidate of change and social freedoms that ended many sanctions & a 13 year standoff over Iran’s nuclear programme.
–>He has held various key playing roles like the key defence portfolios during the 1980 -88 Iran-Iraq war.
–>He had spent 16 years as secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, which is Iran’s top security post.
–>He was consistently worked to rebuild Irans’ relations with the West.
–>He was the first Iranian leader to speak with the President of United States when Barack Obama phoned in September 2013.